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I'm always lookinG!

Providing professional marketing and graphic design service to clients for over 30 years 

I've been creating logos, t-shirt designs, marketing plans, social media campaigns and websites for clients since my college graduation in 1985. Initially, I focused on desktop publishing and obtained professional certification through ACA (Adobe Certified Associate). As times changed, I've managed to continue with technology trends and add WordPress, social media platforms, and modern marketing campaigns to my skill set. I'm an old dog - with a bag of new tricks!  My number one goal is to have all my clients understand my approach and to be deliriously happy with the realization of THEIR vision. I love people and the process. Let me help you define your marketing goals and move your project/business/non-profit forward!  



No Ego - Just a Great Desire to See You Succeed

Most of my clients come to me with some idea of what they think they are looking for...but after working through my process of organizing information and goal-setting, they often find themselves empowered to do MORE than they imagined. Questions like: How do you want to spend your time? and Where do you want to be in five years? may seem like a weird way to have a discussion about website design or establishing a social media presence but they are crucial to YOUR success. 


I graduated from Luther College with a degree in Fine Art and Anthropology and have continued to learn through every avenue available. I'm currently pursuing professional certification through Adobe Professional Classroom training and learning how to make my own ink! I work hard to maintaining relevant skills and pursue my own artwork and writing constantly; its a job AND a passion. I serve as a Visual Information Specialist for Yellowstone National Park and run a small family business on our third-generation property on the banks of the Yellowstone River. People are my groove; Montana is my home!  In my free time, you'll find me walking with my dog, painting, taking photos, knitting, hiking, cooking for my family, or floating the river.

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